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Local Farmers Market in Ashdown, AR

While we’re a premier destination for seed, feed and other supplies, Davis Feed Co., Inc. also hosts a local farmers market with a wide selection of local and artisanal products that our customers love! People from throughout Ashdown, AR come to us for everything from organic wellness products to food products like local honey, fresh eggs and small-batch jams and jellies. Come and see what we have to offer and take home quality products you’ll absolutely appreciate.

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Organic Health and Wellness Supplies

Our selection of health and wellness supplies will give you everything you need to live a healthy lifestyle, and to manage your immunity, wellness and wellbeing. Our selection includes products from Rowe Casa, as well as other organic wellness products designed to give you that little extra boost you need to feel like your best self.


Is there anything better than local foods and artisanal creations? We don’t think so! It’s why we stock a full variety of food from local vendors and brands, brought to you fresh so you can enjoy them the way they were meant to be enjoyed. From fresh eggs and local honey to fresh pork, you’re sure to find something to eat and enjoy at Davis Feed Co., Inc.!

  • Local honey
  • Jams, jellies, salsa and butters
  • Fresh eggs
  • Locally-sourced fresh pork (sausages, pork chops)

Children’s Toys

What’s a local farmers market without something for the kids? Your little one is sure to appreciate our selection of toys and other fun products. There are toys for girls and boys of all ages on our shelves—the perfect way to reward a headache-free shopping experience for well-behaved children.

Explore Local Products

Davis Feed Co., Inc. is proud to bring together local health and wellness supplies and products from makers and suppliers throughout Ashdown and Richmond, AR. Stop by to visit our local farmers market today and browse our current selection of supplies, pet food, landscaping equipment, and more. Or, if you have questions about buying or selling with us, please contact us directly at 870-898-5966.